Do you like mystery? Do you like hidden things? And you're a little naughty by nature? If you want to see your guests trying to figure out how you get to wash the lettuce, consider getting this stylish, yet elusive 'sinkable sink'.

A kitchen that features the intriguing sink, created by the Italian design studio Marmo Arredo, at first glance looks like a kitchen without a sink. But if you're polite (meaning if you wave at your kitchen counter), the sink remarkably appears out of the counter surface. If that's not going to impress your dinner party, what else can?

The invisible sink is actually part of the smart Tulèr kitchen - an elegant, modern responsive kitchen designed by Tipic for Offmat. It debuted at Eurocucina, the renowned kitchen event at the Salone del Mobile furniture show in Milan, Italy. The kitchen counter with the sink is made from a quartz composite that features numerous built-in technologies. Next to the aforementioned covered sink in stainless steel with lateral motion control for water supply, there is also a panel with electrical sockets integrated below the surface, a hood integrated on surface, and a drawer with servo-assistance powered push-pull touch-screen scale inserted in the surface with integrated numeric display. There is even wireless charging bay positioned below the surface.

Check out the video from Dezeen to see how the sink actually works - it's amazing!

Sept. 2, 2016 Living photo: Marmo Arredo

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