The old Polaroid may be gone, but here's a brand new Polaroid Snap for modern times and modern needs - a much cheaper camera/instant printer hybrid that produces your favorite snapshots in a matter of moments. 

At this year's IFA in Berlin, New Jersey-based C&A Marketing, Inc. unveiled a new rendition of the classic instant camera we used to love for having those white frames, just large enough to write something on them with permanent markers. According to Polaroid, the new Polaroid Snap instant digital camera is "the perfect blend of nostalgic polaroid instant photography and sleek modern design that fits into your shirt pocket – and budget." And it appears to be just that, at least from what we've seen so far.

"Sharing, instant photography, and the idea of one snap, one print, are concepts that Polaroid developed over 75 years ago and that have long been engrained in the brand's identity. The Polaroid Snap puts a modern twist on classic Polaroid instant cameras by combining digital camera technology with a contemporary, minimalistic design at a price point consumers would expect to pay for an analog instant camera," commented Scott W. Hardy, President and CEO of Polaroid.

The 10MP digital instant camera comes with an integrated printer using ZINK® Zero Ink Printing Technology, based on a special, patented ZINK Paper®, enabling users to instantly print full color, 2x3" prints automatically when an image is captured. You'll have your printed out photo in your hands in just under a minute! New images can be shot even when the Snap is still printing. Additionally, because ZINK Paper® is adhesive backed, the photo can be also used as a sticker.

The camera also features a Micro SD card slot that holds up to 32GB to save and easily transfer and upload images to a computer, or share them on social media platforms with your friends and family.

The camera also features a photo booth mode (six quick pictures in ten seconds) and the option of printing with or without the Polaroid Classic Border Logo format. Selfie-enthusiasts can also enjoy taking instant selfies with the help of camera's self-timer feature.

The exact release details haven't been revealed yet, but the new Polaroid Snap will be available in late 2015 in black, white, red, and blue for just 99 dollars.

Sept. 6, 2015 Living photo: Polaroid

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