Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds' Finnish developers, introduced a "life" system, which, according to players, ruined the game completely.

Angry Birds is one of the best-selling mobile apps ever. Six years after the first birds became angry, reaching over three billion downloads collectively, the game is much less talked about today. There is even less mention of the developer Rovio that hasn't been doing all too well in the recent years. But now the Angry Birds are back in all their feathery glory. And they are angrier than ever before (we hope). Rovio finally released a proper sequel, adequately naming it Angry Birds 2. Until now the company released over 10 versions of the game as well as spin-offs, but neither of them ever really caught on. With this sequel the developers are bringing the game back to its basics, to the birds and pigs we all know and love.

Of course, the game feels the same, but looks better than ever before. So, the legendary slingshot is there and the grunting noises the pigs make do sound oh-so-familiar, but there are improved graphics, spells, larger levels and many other things to look forward to in Angry Birds 2. However, there are also things that kind of spoil all the fun. The game is free to download and play, but it now features an in-game currency (gems), which can be obtained during the game or by paying for it with your actual money. They also introduced a "life" system, meaning each player has five "lives", but loses one each time s/he fails to complete a level. Once all five lives are lost, player has to either wait for 30 minutes to regenerate, pay for new lives (using gems or real money out of your wallet) or watch a 30-second-long video ad. Most players feel disappointed, even cheated despite being loyal to the game since its very beginnings - Angry Birds used to be a game you could play non-stop, over and over again, until you became the master of all levels. Without waiting or spending money.

If we, like many others, make an intelligent guess, it is quite likely the sequel to Angry Birds came to be due to the fact there is a movie of the same name coming to theaters next summer. Bound to attract a lot of attention, Angry Birds (the movie) features an excellent, all-star ensemble including the great comedic talents of Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses), and Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids).

Gamers can download the game for free, if they are using an Android or iOS running mobile phone. Windows Phone users are sadly excluded.

Aug. 3, 2015 Living photo: Rovio

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