As if the glass-bottomed bridge across the valley in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park wasn't enough to get our pulses up, China is now building another one! A bigger one. Of course.


Remember this 180 meters high Brave Men's Bridge? It now has a big brother. 

The bridge is being built between two mountains in the Tianmenshan National Forest Park at The Grand Canyon of Zhangjiajie (central China's Hunan Province) and stretches 430 meters across an awe-inspiring, magnificent gorge, making in the longest one in the country today.

The glas giant is six meters wide and rises 300 meters above the valley. It is capable of hosting 800 people at once, before it, you know, breaks and everyone without wings gets in serious trouble. Just to remind you, the glass bridge in Yuntai Mountain Geological Park was closed for repairs after it cracked only a month after opening... Just saying.

Our unmatchable sense of humor aside... Thrill-seekers, get ready, the Tianmenshan bridge is set to open up in June of 2016! 

Jan. 29, 2016 Living photo: Profimedia

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