The tech giants are negotiating to start using electronic SIM cards in their smartphones, which will allow users more mobility and less hassle, when they decide to change their mobile phone operator.

Every time you decide to change your operator, you have to change your SIM card as well. But if Apple and Samsung (rivals who teamed up for this occasion) have their say, including the GSMA (the industry association which represents mobile operators worldwide), then SIM cards as we know them may no longer exist in the near future. Their new mobile phones will already feature an unlocked integrated e-SIM (embedded SIM), so smartphone users will be able to switch their device between operators anytime, without any complications.

According to GSMA, with the majority of operators on board, their plan is to finalise the required technical architecture by 2016.

Some think this may be good news for mobile phone manufacturers, since there will be no need to make several models of the same mobile phone anymore. Also, because SIM slots will be made redundant, the phones are likely to become even slimmer.

Judging from the reports concerning the upcoming e-SIM, it is not yet clear, whether the user will be able to activate it on his/her own – will one still have to pay a visit to the operator personally, when a new phone is bought or not?

July 20, 2015 Living photo: Youtube

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