There's a brand new video, showing the hoverboard in action.


We've already reported about ARCA Space from New Mexico creating the perhaps first 'actual' hoverboard, but now the time has come for the ArcaBoard creators to show a new, updated video of their product. 

Many of the previous hoverboard desgins and concepts (like Hendo, for example, or even Lexus) don't actually hover over anything. ArcaBoard does - in fact, it can hover over any terrain, including water!

Yet, equipped with 272 horsepower and 203,000 watts of installed power, it will only stay hovering for 6 minutes, which equals to a range of about 2 km with an estimated top speed of 20 km/h. It's lifted by 36 high power electric ducted fans delivering 430 lbs of thrust. It has a built-in stabilization unit, however, if you check the video below, it's quite difficult to actually keep it in a stable position.

It also comes with an off the box charger that allows you to recharge the ArcaBoard in 6 hours, but using the ArcaDock accessory, the onboard LiPo batteries will be brought to full capacity in 35 minutes.

ArcaBoard is said to be "officially introduced" on April 14th at Monaco's Top Marques event, but you can already pre-order it here for $14,500 (the price dropped from $20,000). Don't forget, with it, you will also need to purchase the ArcaDoc charger for $4,500, so you're looking (again) at a total of about $20,000 excluding shipping.

Feb. 11, 2016 Living photo: ARCA Space Corporation

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