Are you creative and full of innovative ideas? Apply for YouFab Award 2015 now! Time is ticking. 


YouFab Global Creative Awards, through its awards initiative, promotes the activation and appreciation of the field of digital fabrication from a creative standpoint and via a global framework.

If you wish to enter the competition, your works must be in their completed form and not left in the conceptional phase in the form of design plans or proposals. You can submit something that has already been launched, or something yet-to-be unveiled.

A panel of 6 judges will consider several aspects of received submissions. For example, how unique and original is your idea? Is it revolutionary, does it make a change? Does your idea effectively leverage digital fabrication technology? Is it easy to understand or is it complicated? Is it in any way inspirational and does it have the power to spark conversations among people around the world? If you are nodding, do get to work as soon as possible and start preparing materials, because you might win!

If you are interested in winning the grand prize (1,000 USD) or the first prize (500 USD), make sure to submit any type of creative works made using digital fabrication tools such as the 3D printer, laser cutters or CNC milling machines, but you can also create your own digital fabrication tool itself and submit that. You have time to do that from July 1 to midnight on September 30, 2015 (Japan time). Winners will be announced in early December, followed by an award ceremony and an Exhibition of Winning Entries in Januray 2016.

Don't hesitate and apply tukaj. 

July 14, 2015 Living photo: YouFab

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