Are you one of those people who want not only a smart phone and a smart watch, but also smart clothing? Web giant Google has made a step forward in this regard.

Project Jacquard was officially announced at the recent Google's annual developer conference in San Francisco where they also presented their first official clothing partner, Levi Strauss, one of the world's most famous manufacturers of jeans and other products. This cooperation brought forward an interactive textile with which enables the control of various devices by a mere touch or swipe over the ordinary, as it seems, linen.

The web giant also demonstrated the procedure through which they interweave special threads for touchscreen controls during the manufacturing of various textiles, including jeans. "The product seems like a completely ordinary textile," says Google while Levi's confirmed their statement.

For touch recognition and swiping over the surface the clothing also needsthe appropriate hardware. The circuit will be appropriately smaller and not bigger than a button on a jacket, while communication with the connected device will be wireless.

And, yes, such clothes will be washable, and stretchable, too.

June 4, 2015 Living photo: Google

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