Are you up for a daring mountain adventure? We recommend you spend a night at Skylodge, a suite hanging 400 meters above the Urubamba, Peru's Sacred Valley, offering a spectacular 300-degree majestic view of the valley. 


There are three suites available, each one measuring 24 feet by 8 feet. The 'floating capsule' with transparent polycarbonate walls on an aluminum frame can accommodate up to 4 people with a double bed at one end and two single beds, a small dining area, a private bathroom and for those who've never ever heard of vertigo, even a small 'patio' on the rooftop. If you wish so, you can also draw curtains to get a little privacy in a see-through 'room' on a cliff. There aren't exactly plenty neighbours, but still. 

Getting to this luxurious wonder in nature, however, is not all that simple. You would be required to literally climb up Via Ferrata or use a zipline to hike the ascent. Your daily dose of adrenaline is thereby guranteed at arrival already. A group of young entrepreneurs at Natura Vive also promises an unfrogettable breakfast & gourmet dinner with wine - all, of course, while filling your lungs with exquisit mountain air. 

One night in a hanging transparent bedroom with food will cost you around 300 € per night per person. Tempting! 

July 12, 2015 Living photo: Skylodge

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