Battery will last about a month on standby or 290 minutes of talk time.


Mobile phones are becoming more and more capable. They have power-consuming big screens, many apps installed, support lots of different kinds of connections (bluetooth, wifi, NFC), have cameras with big resolution, never enough of storage, and always an empty battery... For some people that is just too much. But when going to the store, it is very hard to find a phone capable only of making phone calls and sending short text messages. Especially if you want a modern phone and not one with some huge numbers or big SOS switch at the back of the phone... If you are looking just for a nice minimalistic phone, then your solution might be Punkt MP 01, designed by the British industrial designer Jasper Morrison. It has a 2-inch LCD display protected with gorilla glass, noise cancellation feature for better talks, it supports bluetooth connection (it comes handy when connecting to hands-free car system), saving and reaching for contact, setting up alarm clock, adding events to the calender. Battery will last roughly a month on standby or 290 minutes of talk time.

Price? $ 295. Surprised?

Sept. 25, 2015 Living photo: Punkt

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