Bearbot was born and bred in Luxembourg and is now waiting for you to accept it into your home. It promises to tame all your electronic household devices.


Created by Mu Design, a company that imagines, develops and commercializes emotive design products since 2015, the emotive universal remote control comes in a shape of an adorable yawning bear. The bear can actually surprise you with other spontaneous behaviors as well, such as sneezing or falling asleep. 

Users can teach the Bearbot to control various household devices, for example a cell phone, TV, radio, air conditioning, alarm, connected light bulbs and many others. Using 3D gesture recognition sensor, Bearbot is able to detect user's different movements and gestures, which are then translated into actions. For example, a gesture from up to down allows you to switch to the next device. Bearbot always displays the logo of the appliance you are about to control. The Bearbot's training app works with iOS and Android. 

On a more ecological note, let us add that its shell is made of 100% recyclable plastic.

Follow the Bearbot team on Facebook here or pre-order your own Bearbot on Indiegogo here - with a month left to raise the €199,000 fixed goal. Bearbot is available for 'adoption' for 75 euros. You can also opt for his cub, the mini Bearbot (without a display).

Aug. 29, 2016 Living photo: Mu Design

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