Perhaps this solution will give direct answers to why honeybee colonies are dying.

The entire world is concerned about the bees dying at an alarming rate. Despite all the awareness, it seems this Indiegogo project might be the one project that is doing the most to get to the bottom of the problem. 

Dubbed Beeograph, this is the new kind of beehive, crafted from building materials that were all required in a sustainable way - certified wood, adhesives from natural resins, certified electronic components and battery from companies with fair working conditions. It is equipped with high-tech sensors and data detectors that monitor the living conditions and the behavior of the bees in a harmless and unobtrusive way. 

To produce healthy honey and gather diverse data with more comprehensive conclusions, these beehives are strategically placed at 3 environmentally clean locations with diverse climate conditions (lake forest, mountainous region, at the seaside): by the Starnberger See, Bavaria in Germany, on Naxos Island in Greece and in the Batulia village in Sofia, Bulgaria.

With the crowdfunding campaign, non-professional beekepers are given the opportunity to become donors and sponsor a beehive, which is to be taken care of properly by professional beekeepers. In this way, project leaders wish to learn more about the life of bees, what helps bees stay healthy and happy, what makes them sick and what other major factors impact their lifespan. At the same time, they also wish to produce honey sustainably. 

"The system within the beehive monitors the weight of the hive, inside and outside temperature, humidity, noise, light and bee activity at the entrance without interfering in any way with the daily routine and well-being of the swarm," explain project leaders. Beeograph owners can access the gathered data from their beehive via web platform and mobile app to monitor the health of their bees, the quantity of honey they produce every day and even weather conditions.

If you wish to bee kind and help the bees, join the campaign.

Aug. 4, 2016 Living photo: Beeograph

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