Finally! Filip Flisar, Slovenian Ski Cross racer and world champion has his own Rædical XXXX (four cross) mustache wax collection.


"Well, there ya go! I finally have my own mustache wax! Some may have wondered, why it is that I haven't been using it before – considering I've been wearing my mustache for quite a few years. The thing is, I won't settle for anything less than perfect and of impeccable quality, and this was also one of the things I didn't wish to address in a casual way," said Filip at the new Rædical XXXX mustache wax collection presentation.

All types of mustache wax were hand-made in Slovenia, relying only on carefully selected certified natural ingredients from limited series. The name of the collection, Four Cross, stems from Filip's Ski Cross discipline, with four skiers freestyling down the hill. Four Cross also appears in other extreme sports; you can find it, for example, in mountain bike racing and BMX. The logo of the new collection is comprised of four Xs, signifying not only the name Four Cross, but also the extreme and radical in our lives.

"Ever since I started wearing mustache, I would often get nervous, because sometimes I needed a more 'relaxed' type of wax for those casual gatherings, and at other times I would require something really hardcore and wild, like for the ski race. The exisitng waxes really aren't 'in tune' with one another, if I may put it that way. Now, what we've done is we've created three types of thickness formed on the same basis. If you own all three types of wax, you've got all you need right there and your daily needs are served. And it doesn't matter, if you're a quiet gentleman or a total extremist, it's all there," says the Mustache Man.

There's no fooling around with the mustache. Nothing was left to chance and an exciting series of rædical test videos are here to prove it! Check them out to see Filip and his mustache more than succesfully combat jets of water from the the power washer at the carwash, thick cloud of smoke from the fire extinguisher and an unpredictable spurt from a shaken bottle of champagne.

Nov. 30, 2015 Living photo: Raedical

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