After cities like Copenhagen and London, Berlin seems to be well on its way to establish itself as a cycling-friendly place, calling itself "Biking City".

The number of cyclists is on the rise in Berlin, so the city decided to do something to make itself welcoming and friendly to bicycle travel, one of the greenest means of transport. The German capital decided to build bicycle superhighways that may be created along railway tracks that are no longer in use, as reported by the German CDU

Berlin developed a plan that includes cycling-friendly routes with the entire infrastrcture with monitored 'parking' spaces, charging stations for e-bikes, bicycle repair and service points, toliets and changing cabins.

The cycling superhighway is to stretch between Potsdam and Potsdamer Platz, featuring no crossroads and no traffic lights. In areas where the highway is to cross a road or a busy street, they plan to simply build bridges over them to avoid stopping.

The new Berlin bicycle superhigway may resemble the one pictured above, where you can see Cycle Superhighway 6 crossing Blackfriars Bridge into the City of London.

March 10, 2017 Living photo: Profimedia

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