While the new Android M is beta-tested by the owners of Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Player, others will have to wait till the 3rd quarter of this year.


The new operating system is called Android M and is nowhere near its final version. One of the important new features is control over applications. User has the option to choose and decide whether an application will have access to, let's say, camera or microphone. Very useful feature for people living in constant fear of "eavesdropping".

Another novelty is support for fingerprint recognition. Apart from unlocking the phone, fingerprint verification will let us shop in e-stores. Speaking of which, there is also a new Android Pay system, supported by Visa, MasterCard and American Express... You do, however, need a smartphone with NFC technology. Also new is the Doze feature, extending the battery charge when a device is in standby mode. Once Doze has sensed a longer period of inactivity (when you are asleep, for instance), it leaves only the essential processes active in the background. Android M further supports USB-C which enables faster charging,

Users will also have use of the new Google Photos services. This allows unlimited storage of photos and videos in the cloud. Now On Tap is a useful new facility. If you keep the home button pressed a bit longer, it reads the contents of the screen offering suggestions. If, for example, it sees a name of a restaurant, it suggests the best route from your location to that address.

More on Android M in the video below.

June 8, 2015 Living photo: Youtube, Marques Brownlee

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