The charming Book and Bed Tokyo bookstore hotel opens a second branch in Kyoto!


Kyoto in Japan is famous for its approximately 2,000 temples and shrines, but there are, of course, even more reasons to visit the city. And when you visit and think of interesting places to spend the night at, look no further. Especially, if you're a bookworm. 

After the successful opening of the Book and Bed Tokyo last year, the second branch of the imaginative bookshelf-themed hostel is now waiting for you in Kyoto. There are over 5,000 books to choose from - available in both Japanese and English languages - while you get yourself comfy in one of the 20 sleeping bunks, hidden among the wooden bookshelves. You can even grab a beer at the "Book and Bed and Beer" bar with a nice selection of local beers.

The "Compact Bookshelf Bunk" is available for $43 per night and the "Standard Bookshelf Bunk" for $47. It's the same amount of money you'll pay for spending a night on the "River View Compact Bunk", which is right next to a window. Each of the bunks comes with a special place for luggage, under the bed, and there is also a power outlet, a hanger, a lamp, free Wi-Fi and a private curtain to keep things a little more private. Bathrooms and showers are shared.

For more information and updates, you can follow the Book and Bed hostel via Facebook.

Dec. 1, 2016 Living photo: BOOK and BED TOKYO

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