Would you like your rubbish to help you clean as well? Sounds impossible. But, once you get to know Bruno, the very first intelligent rubbish bin in the world – a vacuum cleaner as well – you may be in for a surprise.

Kickstarter took care of, yet another, clever home accessory – a trash can named Bruno. On top of collecting your rubbish driven by your smartphone, it also makes sure you never run out of refuse bags, sends a warning when the bag may be full, has a program that monitors the refuse collection schedule, as well. Its biggest advantage, however, is the vacuum suction function which takes in everything you made a mess with. Bruno's system is the best possible dustpan!

Bruno has already become a Kickstarter success with all $50000 required to start production in the bag. It will cost you $139 or more. Don't like cleaning? Let Bruno do the job for you.

May 13, 2015 Living photo: Bruno

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