An innovative combination of renewable energy education, place making and cutting-edge solar technology. 


Sol Design Lab creates unique and eye-catching designs focusing on renewable energy. Their solar charging stations can charge anything from cell phones to electric scooters, provide energy efficient lighting, internet connectivity, gather data about the environment and display information on an integrated digital screen. The station offers students and community members the opportunity to gather in the shade while recharging almost everything, from their laptops, phones, e-bikes to all other electrical devices via USB ports or standard electrical outlets.

With three solar panels, the station provides a WiFi workstation and solar laboratory. Six batteries extend the charging capacity on cloudy days and into the night with vibrant LED lighting. On average, each charging station produces 1.7 kWh per day or 620.5 kWh per year, which is the equivalent of 949 lbs. of CO2 avoided per year. 

This project was been funded by The University of Texas at Austin's Green Fee program managed by the Office of Sustainability. The goal of their work is to spark conversations about energy use, resiliency, evolving use of public space and innovation for our changing world

Jan. 2, 2016 Living photo: Sol Design Lab

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