Car roof box can be used in a variety of ways, not only to transport heaps of additional luggage. With a little imagination, it can transform into, let's say, a boat! 


The large, 650-liter car dual-purpose roof box called Boatbox from the UK has a wonderful feature – you can detach the lid and use it as an actual boat! It can be fitted with a small motor (electric outboard motor is available as an optional extra) or a sail, but we recommend you travel green, of course, and use only paddles.

The stable dinghy can hold 125 kilograms, which is quite enough to take an adult and a child for a lovely paddling ride. It comes in various colors and 2 models, equipped with a wooden seat, folding oars and rowlocks.

It will cost you approximately 1,000 EUR. Extras are not included.

July 20, 2015 Living photo: Boatbox

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