Drones planting trees? Imagine that! 

There are a variety of tree-planting techniques, including planting by hand and delivering dry seeds by air. However, hand-planting is slow and expensive, and spreading dry seeds results in low uptake rates. But BioCarbon Engineering, UK based company, has a solution. They have developed a system of planting trees with drones, at just a fraction of the cost (15%) of traditional reforestation methods. 

"We gather detailed terrain data in order to produce high-quality 3D maps of farmland, plantations and areas to be restored. Using the mapping data, our planting UAVs carry out precision planting activities, leading to high up-take rates and mission flexibility. Planting audits will be conducted through the use of our mapping devices. This information will help to provide assessments of ecosystem health over time," said the team.

With this technology there could be10s of thousands of trees planted per day - and aims to plant 1 billion trees per year. Well that's something!

Watch their documentary called UAE Drones for good initiative.

UAE Drones for Good England from zee on Vimeo.

Jan. 18, 2016 Living photo: BioCarbon Engineering

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