Hugh Grady is the man behind the idea of collecting (the many, many) used chopsticks and giving them another life. 

Grady explains how bamboo, a fast-growing renewable material is used to manufacture billions of chopsticks and Vancouver, a city where he works, offers over 2,000 Asian cousine restaurants. Imagine now how many of their guests normally use disposable chopsticks. Grady estimates that Vancouver alone sends over 100,000 disposable chopsticks to the landfill on a daily basis. So, he thought this is the kind of material you can easily get plenty of and do something with it in order to re-use it and help the enviroment that is already swamped with trash.

He is now urging people to become part of the innovative zero waste society and help generate a new second life cycle. What his company Chop Value is up to is simple, yet very productive and eco-conscious: bamboo chopsticks there are processed into newly developed materials that can later, in their new form, be used by small and medium-sized manufacturers, creating new products out of them.  

Bamboo sports not only an appealing look, it's also strong, durable, and resistant to shrinking and swelling. In this case, re-designed into recycled tiles, it can be used for producing all sorts of things, including furniture and home deco items, such as table tops, wall tiles, flooring, etc.

If you like the idea, help Chop Value achieve its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter (with 35 days to go).

Sept. 19, 2016 Living photo: ChopValue

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