Imagine the most popular summer, sauna, jacuzzi and surf wear, and turn it into one simple and integral piece of fashionable clothing.


COPCHO is a mix between a bathrobe and a surfer's poncho, upgraded to a bag - yet if you want to lay down in the sand or on the deckchair, you can also use it as a towel.

Folding and changing shapes is quick and easy. The transition from bathrobe to bag doesn't take more than 15 seconds. And on your 4th try, it will even take you less than 10 seconds.

You can choose between three designs. "The original Copcho – the Spirit – was designed with waves in our mind. We've later developed a summer-vibe design – the Sunset – for the romantics. And the third design came out spontaneously during our Kickstarter preparations – the Flower and the Bee," said the team.

You can get your Copcho by pledging $70 on the Kickstarter, where the team is hoping to raise $23,000. 

Sept. 14, 2015 Living photo: Copcho

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