You can now upcycle used bottles and turn them into a stylish speaker that will amplify the sounds of your favourite tunes.

Always on the hunt for something to enchance our musical experience, we stumbled upon Cork. It's described by its developers as the world's first microBluetooth speaker that boosts sound depth and quality by upcycling a used bottle. 

The small device weighs 76g, comes in four colours (Smoky Black, Wine Red, Fog Grey Silver, and Ghost White) and is small enough to fit any handbag or to be carried around in a pocket. The way it works is quite simple - all one has to do is press a button to sync the device and play music via Bluetooth. 

When fully charged via micro USB cable, Cork offers 10 hours playtime. The indicator light will tell you if the device is charging (red light), if it's already charged (green light) or if it's playing (blue light).

No bottle gives exactly the same experience - using different shapes and sizes of bottles will result in various depths and amplifications of sound. That is also why Cork was designed with two types of silicon cradles - it will fit different bottles (such as glass, plastic, beer or wine... ).

If you know any music lovers with some spare bottles, this might make a nice holiday gift - pre-orders already available on Kickstarter. Super early birds are able to get it for $38, with a regular price later set at $48.

Nov. 25, 2016 Living photo: Cork Speaker

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