Wish to help fight plastic bottle pollution and are looking for a way to recycle them yourself? With this simple device, plastic bottles of all kinds can be reused and recycled into universally useful, handy ropes.


There is a lot we, as consumers, can do to reduce plastic waste. One of the easier ways is to keep plastic away from our environment, away from the animals by changing its purpose and using it for something else.

The plastic bottle cutter is a small and practical device, made with easily recyclable materials. It will help you not only protect the environment, it will also help you save some money by reusing items that no longer serve their initial purpose. You can transform plastic bottles into all-purpose ropes and use them in any situation you may need a handy sturdy rope - either in your household, on travels or in your backyard. They are so strong (depending on the plastic bottle type) that only one bottle can be used to pull a car out of the ditch.

On the other hand, you could also give your imagination a go - upcycle plastic ropes and create brand new, crafty things out of them!

Jan. 26, 2017 Living photo: Plastic Bottle Cutter

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