When you don't need colourful feathers to bring colour to your life.

The Mexican desinger Moisés Hernández from Mexico City says he's "always been attracted by simplicity and fresh ideas and that is why he decided to study at Ecal, in Lausanne Switzerland where in summer of 2013 he became the first Mexican to get a Master of Product design from this school obtaining special mention."

After having exhibited his work in USA, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong, Spain and Mexico, and being awarded multiple times for his amazing work and various projects, he now presents his latest work, Immersed birds, featuring wooden decorative figures of toucan, hummingbird and Mexican quetzal that were chosen for "their glowing chromatic range."

The project discovers what happens when you balance machine made and handmade objects. "We made soft and continuous shapes milled with CNC technology contrasted with handmade painting done by immersion in coloured water, an experimental technique we developed for this project, which gives the birds a unique personality," explains Hernández. "This technique of painting allows to achieve an interesting texture of intersections and transparency made by layers of colour that resembles the plumage of birds. The amount of colour, hue and the way sections cross one another depends on the time and position the wood is plunged."

For more information, please visit Moisés Hernández Design Studio.

March 17, 2017 Living photo: Moisés Hernández Design Studio/Screenshot

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