Ah, the Maldives. It really is pure heaven on earth. You thought eating dinner underwater, peeking at the amazing, colourful ocean life wasn't possible? It is in the Maldives.


At the aptly named Subsix restaurant you don't only eat fish, you eat with fish. Guests are required to board a water-taxi that takes them 500 meters offshore to reach the Subsix, where the spectacular marine life-inspired interior awaits them six meters below the Indian ocean waterline. A staircase takes you below the surface and opens a mind-blowing full floor-to-ceiling view of parrot fish, turtles, coral reef and many other exotic life; the room itself is embelished with shells and other sea-life-related ornaments, guranateeing a subtle, yet everlasting impression. Guests can immerse themselves in the surreal oceanic beauty of this 'underwater playground', as the trendy Subsix calls itself.

One can't ignore the giant clam-inspired bar with a fiberglass shell that's boasting in the middle of the room. The designers even made a very clever use of light to set the appropriate mood, depending on what time of day it is – in the morning the room is lit in white, when it's time for dinner in the evening, it turns to beautiful lavender, and at night, the light becomes stunning blue.

Being extremely versatile, it offers private Champagne breakfasts, intimate subaquatic lunches, and everything from wedding blessings to wine tastings, themed evenings and club nights.

Jan. 2, 2017 Living photo: Subsix

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