Dutch government presented some bold plans for emission free traffic by 2030 in the frame of new legistation which took 209 days of talks to form.

Among other measures the Dutch government wants to make an agreement with Europe to cut emissions by 55 percent until 2030. They also plan to reduce national emissions by 49 percent in the same timeframe. Gvernment will also spend up to 4 billion euros for transition to cleaner energy and make taxes on energy greener.

They also plan to close at least one coal powerplant short term and all of them by 2030 and at least partially substitute them with new offshore windfarms. New houses will be no more connected to gas lines and they will also reduce gas extraction in the area of Groningen.

The prediction also states, that by 2030 all the cars in the Netherlands must be emission free and to further support alternative mobility a once off amount of 100 million euros will be invested into bicycle infrastructure.

Oct. 12, 2017 Living photo: Hyundai

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