Together with BAM Infra Nederland, Hardt built the first hyperloop test facility in Europe with a 30-metre long testing tube to test the new transport technology.

Hardt Global Mobility short-term goal is to begin building a hyperloop route between two cities within the next four years. According to Hardt press release, the test facility of Hardt and BAM, located at The Green Village on the campus of TU Delft, consists of a tube with a length of 30 metres and an external diameter of 3.2 metres. With it, Hardt will be able to test all the important systems in a vacuum at low speeds, including the safety, the propulsion, the gliding and the stabilisation of the hyperloop vehicle. Furthermore, they will also make an extensive research on the social integration and social acceptance of the new means of transport.

Developers believe that a hyperloop will be a more energy efficient transport alternative to flying or riding a train and claim it will make travel possible at speeds of more than a thousand kilometres per hour, via tubes with very low air resistance. It would also be a great solution for people living far away from where they work - commuting with hyperloop would be faster and more convenient, so the cities could potentially avoid the current congestion we're causing with numerous cars driven mainly on account of daily commute to work.

The hyperloop would not make any intermediate stops during its journey, as a train does, but would arrive directly at its destination. Tim Houter, CEO of Hardt said: "We are creating a world where distance no longer matters. One where you will have the freedom to live and work wherever you want to."

As in interesting fact, let us mention that the founders of Hardt were part of the Delft Hyperloop team that won Elon Musks's Hyperloop Pod Competition in January of this year. 

June 5, 2017 Living photo: Roderik van Nispen (Van Nispen Fotografie)

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