You will never have to pull that cork out of the bottle again. You will actually be able to enjoy wine by the glass without committing to the whole bottle.

Coravin Wine Access System is a new technology that "solves the age-old problem that wine oxidizes after the cork is pulled," said President and CEO of Coravin, LLC, Nick Lazaris. He believes this innovative product will transform the experience of pouring and enjoying wine.

How does the system work? Once you pull the cork from a bottle to pour wine, the wine is exposed to air and oxidation begins. The Coravin Wine Access System leaves the cork in place. A thin, hollow needle passes through the foil and cork to access the wine. Then the bottle is pressurized with argon. The process pushes the wine through the needle so that it flows into your glass without letting any oxygen in the bottle. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals itself, and the remaining wine continues to evolve naturally.

The current Coravin Wine Access System price stands pretty high at 269 GBP. It would seem a bit much for home use, but in all fairness the innovative company from Burlington, Massachusetts did set restaurants, bars and wineries as their primary target. Using the Coravin Wine Access System they could actually expand the Wine By the Glass offerings – customers could taste the wine, but would not be obliged to purchase the entire bottle, once it's been opened.

June 3, 2017 Living photo: Coravin

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