You can control it with any device - FarmBot Genesis is humanity's first open-source CNC farming machine designed for at-home automated food production.

To use it, what do you need? A raised bed to which you can attach the FarmBot Genesis, and of course - electricity, water and internet, as FarmBot can only be programmed and controlled using the web application, meaning an active internet connection is required to send and receive data.

Its code is 100% open-source, so you can work the code to your own needs or even help the creators with your own ideas and customize it for others to use it as well. User can control and configure FarmBot using the FarmBot web application through a free hosted service at until at least 2018.

Developers say that FarmBot grown veggies create 25% fewer CO2 emissions than standard US veggies. If you go off-grid, using solar power and rain collection systems, you'll really be making a difference. You can use the FarmBot on a raised bed, urban rooftop, or in a greenhouse - this way you will know the food you grow, you will grow the food you like the most and you will grow it exactly the way you want it be grown.

With shipping included, the FarmBot will cost you $3,350 with return on your investment estimated to be between three and five years.

For more information, visit the FarmBot website. 

Aug. 4, 2016 Living photo: FarmBot Genesis

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