The FIA World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) has confirmed the revised calendar for season three of the FIA Formula E Championship, the world's first all-electric city street racing series.

The most significant change is that the dates for the Montreal and New York City races have swapped, with the Montreal double-header now taking up the season-closing date on July 29/30.

The first-ever electric single-seater race in New York City - which was confirmed as taking place in Brooklyn last week - will be held over the weekend of July 15/16.

Both TBA dates that featured on the original calendar have been removed, which means the 2016/17 season plays out over 12 races in 10 cities. The fight for the title commences in Hong Kong on October 9.

The WMSC also approved the introduction of a 'power ramp down' whereby cars that have exceeded the maximum allowed power usage during the race, must linearly ramp down to 0kW use within five seconds on track. The car's rain light and ready-to-move light must flash to alert other drivers on track. After the driver crosses the pit-in line in the first car, or the finish line in the second car, the driver must be able to reactivate the MGU power to continue the race, or return to the pits. This amendment is designed to make the concept of drivers exceeding their power usage easier for spectators to follow.

2016/17 FIA Formula E Championship - Calendar

9 October - Hong Kong ePrix*

12 November - Marrakesh ePrix

18 February - Buenos Aires ePrix

1 April - Mexico City ePrix

13 May - Monaco ePrix

20 May - Paris ePrix

10 June - Berlin ePrix

1 July - Brussels ePrix*

15 July - New York City ePrix*

16 July - New York City ePrix*

29 July - Montreal ePrix*

30 July - Montreal ePrix*

Sept. 29, 2016 Living photo: FIA Formula E

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