If the lock detects alcohol in the breath, it immediately notifies the partner.


It is prohibited to drink alcohol and drive. This also applies to cyclists, who can quickly lose balance when drunk and have a nasty fall. The Japanese company Koowho has therefore come up with a lock that will prove invaluable to those who occasionally knock back a drink too many. It is called Alcoho-lock. The driver only has to blow into the lock and the indicator determines whether there is alcohol in the breath. If that is the case, a warning will be sent to a preset number (yes, an application needs to be installed on the phone to display the alcohol level and send the warnings) that the person wants to drive while drunk. Friends and family can therefore call that person to make sure it won't happen. If the technology alone won't do the job, the words of the loved ones probably will.

The lock weighs half a kilogram and is made of aluminium. The 800 mAh battery should be able to measure 40 breaths. It is charged via a microUSB connector.

At 300 dollars, the price is not modest. But what is that compared to a life...

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Aug. 14, 2015 Living photo: Alcoho-lock

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