First car to be equipped with electric powerplant is going to be next generation Leon, will be released together with plugin version of the car.


Few days ago we have reported, that Volkswagen Auto group is planning to launch a total of 300 new models of electric cars between all of the subsidiary car companies by the year 2030. Off course, among those brands is also Seat, who is going to start realizing the plan in the year 2020. It will then present a new electric or hybrid-driven car once every six months.

According to web page Insideev that was the first to publish such information, Seat's first electric/hybrid car is going to be next (forth) generation Leon. Regular version of the car with ICE should arrive somewhere in 2019, while its electric and hybrid versions should be here a year later. For plugin hybrid version it is expected, that it will have around 50 kilometers of autonomy. BEV's reach on the other hand is expected to be around 500 kilometers, making it quite usable for everyday needs.

"2020 will be SEAT's year of electrification with the launch of a plug-in hybrid version of the new SEAT Leon, to be built in the Martorell factory and featuring a range of at least 50 kilometers, as well as the brand's first fully electric vehicle, manufactures on the Volkswagen Group's MEB platform," said Seat's first man for mentioned website.

April 7, 2018 Living photo: Seat

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