From CES with love and your new environmental companion - the smart mobile air quality tracker.

Flow, created by the French Plume Labs, is the first smart, connected mobile accessory. If you wonder about the quality of the air you breathe indoors, outdoors or on the go, Flow will track, monitor and reduce your exposure to air pollution by helping you to avoid it with real-time updates from its companion smart phone app, compatible with iOS and Android. It will even map air pollution to find the best 'breathing spaces' in your city, guiding you to the cleanest hotspots around, thus lowering your exposure to air pollution.

Revealed at this year's CES, Flow was created from brushed anodized aluminum, soft touch plastic and high quality leather. A CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the 'Tech for a Better World' category is small, sleek, and elegant - a perfectly discrete device you easily carry around with you. Flow's attachment system clips quickly and securely to any bag, backpack, purse or stroller.

Flow will track the full range of indoor and outdoor pollutants, including particulate matter and dust in the air, NOx from car exhaust, VOCs from household products, and irritating ground-level ozone. Moreover, it will keep you up to date with temperature and humidity in your surroundings. 

Currently, Plume Labs are about to start their beta testing in London, being a few months away from opening pre-orders, expected this spring. You can sign up for updates and pre-orders here.

Jan. 19, 2017 Living photo: Plume Labs

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