Ford and National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum debuted a permanent Ford Mustang 2-in-1 display, showcasing the first and current generation of this iconic automobile.  


The display uniquely merges a1965 Mustang model and a 2015 model, both of them split lengthwise, then placed together to form a stunning side-by-side display. Visitors to the museum are able to sit in either half of the vehicle, as both compartments are functional, and directly compare features and styling details of both models as they developed through 50 years of Mustang's history. 

For example, visitors can compare the 1965 AM radio, roll-up window and seat belts to the working touch screen display and other features in the 2015 model. Moreover, they will also be able to hear the sounds of the original 1965 Mustang V8 engine and a 2015 Mustang V8 engine at idle.

In 1965, Mustang utilized more than 100 of Ford's existing functional patents. Those patents reflect some of the touches customers loved back then, including a rear-seat speaker and a power convertible top. 

May 6, 2016 Living photo: Ford

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