When we know it's good for our well-being to keep plants in our homes, but we either don't have time to take care of them or perhaps we simply don't have that gardening touch. Here's a perfect solution for anyone wishing to create a personal miniature wall jungle.

The trick is, Plug & Plant's Smart vertical garden will help you keep the plants healthy and happy with minimum input from the home gardener. The wall-mounted system of pods is aesthetically arranged into a vertical eco-system of various plants. It doesn't require soil (so, no, you don't have to get your hands dirty) - rather than that, the plants thrive on 100% biodegradable smart-biofoam. 

Technologically, the Smart vertical garden is equipped with numerous sensors, including humidity and light sensors, and is connected via Bluetooth. The sensors gather data from the environment and transfer it to your smartphone to offer tips for optimum plant growth. You only need to provide your little green heaven with water once every month as there is a Smart Water Tank that uses all the collected info to vary the watering regimen as needed for up to 30 days.

Some plants will grow to make the room look pretty, lower stress levels and keep the air fresh, others will be used in the kitchen. You can choose between 36 various plant species - be it herbs, like basil or mint, tomatoes, strawberries or flowers, like petunias.

The Smart vertical garden project was presented on Kickstarter last year, but was then sadly cancelled before the funds were raised. As there was no reason for cancellation officially presented, we hope it will re-appear in time, perhaps once the system is upgraded. Many fans are expressing their deep disappointment, hoping they are once able to enjoy having an indoor garden like that in their own homes.

Sept. 3, 2016 Living photo: Plug & Plant

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