With Samsungs' Serif TV everything is about furniture and design.

We got to a point where almost all TVs look more or less the same. They keep on getting thinner and thinner, we are barely able to see the TV frames, resolution is getting better and better... And we also keep on inventing new ways where to hide the TV sets, because many times they just do not go well together with our space and furnishing style. But that is all about to change.

Samsung partnered with designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec to create Samsung Serif TV – a television that is set to challenge the way we view its standing in the domestic environment. "Samsung Serif TV does not belong to the world of technology but the world of furniture and design," Samsung emphasizes. So they made a frame that outlines and defines TV.

Seen from the front, Samsung Serif TV is defined by a single, seamless frame, one colour and one shape. In profile, it forms a clear capital "I" shape, its slim body broadening to form a shelf-like surface at the top. The design means it can stand seamlessly in the home by resting on its own base. Its attachable legs allow it to be placed on the floor or the center of the room, whatever fits the overall look of your room best. They did not forget about the backside either. All the connectors are hidden behind a woven fabric panel.

Samsung Serif TV is available in three colours: ivory white, dark blue and red.

Sept. 26, 2015 Living photo: Samsung

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