Fruithleather Rooterdam have been named one of the 25 most promising entrepreneurs under the 25 years old!

Now they need your help! "We would highly appreciate you voting for us, which gives us the chance to win the title and raise awareness for circular entrepreneurship. Follow the link here and press the like button to vote!," said the team on their social media these days.  

Fruitleather Rotterdam is currently developing a new, eco- friendly process that converts leftover fruits into durable, leather-like material. Their aim is that Fruitleather can be made into footwear and fashion accessories and can be used in the interior and furnishing industry. Read more about that creative team here

Food is not trash. Perhaps in the future, many markets selling fruit in and vegetables will understand this message and adapt their practices to something more eco-friendly, like creating new office chairs out of overripe mangos.

May 16, 2017 Living photo: Fruitleather Rotterdam

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