Well, that's the kind of basketball you've probably never played before! Located between two utterly dull and gray buildings in Paris, there is a funky colorful basketball court that has been attracting everyone's attention ever since it's been opened on July 1st.


One of the Parisian renovating projects is this screaming yellow, red and blue basketball court Duperré in Pigalle, the result of Vincent Le Thuy's creative genius, created with the help of Nike and Ill Studio. The court is made of "recycled rubber gum that absorbs the ball's noise", so the locals living nearby aren't disturbed by the sounds of dribbling and pounding basketballs. Initially, noise was the reason the court almost got shut down, but with a little input from creative minds, the sports ground was given a lively, artistic make-over with new, exciting features that helped preserve it.

Aug. 26, 2015 Living photo: Ill Studio

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