Robots are coming, and they're bringing X-rated action with them. Companies like "Real Doll" have mastered the art of making realistic sex dolls and now you can create your own male sex dolls as well. Hm...with bionic penis.

Male sex dolls will be battery powered and they can be charged for as long as you want them to last. They will be made of the same Platinum silicone as female dolls and feature the same improved skeletons and advanced weight reduction.

With the new technology, these sex dolls will be able to respond to verbal dialog – and will also be able to simply outperform any other sex toy and most probably your partner too!

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, top CEO of luxury sex doll company Matt McMullen said: "For the male sex robot to be effective, he's going to have to move. We're going to be working into equation the ability to plug the robot in, if it's got power and you've got it plugged in it will go as long as you want ."

To accommodate all tastes and preferences, the robots will come in all shapes and sizes.

April 10, 2017 Living photo: Real Doll

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