Samsungov Galaxy S6 edge v barvah Iron Mana-a.

While fighting the smartphone market war for the biggest slice of the pie, every advantage counts. Samsung teamed-up with Marvel and (after having the misfortune to accidentally leak images of the device a week ago) officially unveiled the Limited Edition Iron Man-themed Galaxy Edge S6, the first of its kind.

Robert Downey Jr. may have been occupied promoting HTC smartphones just until recently, however it would appear that his superheroic alter-ego Iron Man prefers to text Pepper Potts with Samsung. The South Korean company is a strong supporter of the latest blockbuster flick Avengers: The Age of Ultron from the highly lucrative Avengers franchise, hence dressing S6 up as Tony Stark's heaviest piece of wardrobe is all but a surprising move. Samsung's stylish bundle with the eye-catching smartphone in Iron Man-inspired red and golden attire also sports an appropriately stylish wireless charging dock in the form of Iron Man's own iconic 'life pump', the Arc Reactor, which (for those living under a rock) literally makes Tony Stark's heart tick as well as powers Iron Man's suit.

The limited edition will feature the same hardware specifications as the original Samsung Galaxy S6 device. We must sadly report, though, that J. A. R. V. I. S., Just A Rather Very Intelligent System developed by Stark, will not be included in the package. Samsung revealed that only 1,000 units will be available in Korea as of yesterday, and in China and Hong Kong the following month. No release date has been announced for Europe or the United States

May 28, 2015 Living photo: Samsung

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