A perfectly eco-friendly alternative to air conditioners!

If you currently reside, let's say in Australia, where in some parts - like Adelaide or Darwin - temperatures rose over 30 degrees Celsius today, this gadget might be a welcome addition to your home.

From an Italy-based company idea3Di that deals with the design and prototyping of goods obtained through the use of information technologies such as 3D printing, comes Geizeer - a device that will cool you down with ecology in mind.

Air conditioners and fans consume a lot of energy, especially when used on a daily basis. On top of that, if the device isn't properly maintained, one can even suffer from headache, stiff neck, back pain and respiratory problems. The small and handy, transportable Geizeer promises to avoid all these issues.

It is made of wood, which is a perfect thermal insulator. On the outside it is composed of two shells in wood and metal finishing frames, while the interior contains a rechargeable battery, a micro USB with PCBs, a DC brushless fan and even an ice pack. It is easy to use, as explained by developers - you only need to fill the lower half of the cube with cooling elements from the freezer and overlap the two halves, so that the two signs of power coincide. And that is all it takes to make it work. To turn it off, you simply lift and rotate the cover. Geizeer is equipped with a Li-Po battery, which lasts around 6 hours and is charged via micro-USB cable.

Developers also say that using it for the duration of 24 hours will have an economic consumption of less than 1 cent!

Nov. 16, 2016 Living photo: idea3Di

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