An augmented reality trading card game - sounds fun!

Genesis gets players to experience skill based real-time battle system. It's said to be the first game to use this type of unique concept and technology, perhaps even announcing a new era for mobile games?

This is a seriously up-scaled card trading game, bringing characters from the digital world into reality. All of the battling is done in real time, the player controls the character's movements and strategizes all the attacks. You only need a smartphone and point it at a character card - upon doing so, the entity will be summoned into existence through a dimensional rift, developers explain.

Another thing that's really neat about this project is that Genesis Augmented Reality was actually developed by Long Roos and Ryan Neale, two 18-year-olds. We wonder what they'll come up with withint the next few years, if they keep developing their ideas.

Genesis TCG is live on Kickstarter right now, if you wish to check it out in more detail.

Sept. 19, 2016 Living photo: Genesis/YouTube Screenshot

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