The German Pavilion's "Fields of Ideas" at Expo Milano wins EXHIBITOR Magazine's Expo 2015 Awards. 

The German Pavilion won two 1st place awards at EXHIBITOR Magazine's Expo 2015 Awards in the categories "Best Pavilion" and "Interactivity". In the "Interactivity" category, the international jury was especially impressed by the German Pavilion's "SeedBoard", which is handed out to each visitor as a personal guide through the exhibition. In addition, the pavilion received Special Mention in the "Use of Technology" category for the organic photovoltaic modules in its "Solar Trees".

The German Pavilion was the winner of two out of nine competition categories, which are awarded at every World Expo by EXHIBITOR Magazine, a major US professional magazine for trade shows and events. "Winning two first place awards in an international competition is a great achievement for us. We also owe our success to our strong partners in the German Pavilion Expo Milano 2015 Consortium (ARGE), who developed the concept of the German Pavilion and implemented it on site," said Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the German Pavilion.

"Over the past five months, Germany has presented itself to millions of visitors in Milan. Just experiencing the visitors' enthusiasm on site is already hugely rewarding. The multiple awards honour the concept of a multi-faceted theme pavilion and acknowledge the entire team of builders, planning specialists and hosts," adds Lennart Wiechell, architect and partner at Schmidhuber.

In August 2015, the German Pavilion's "Fields of Ideas" had already received the Red Dot Award in the category "Spatial Communication". It has also been nominated for the FAMAB Award. Read why is German Pavilion so special and how the SeedBoard works  here

Oct. 27, 2015 Living photo: EXPO

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