Using your computer mouse a lot, hence experiencing wrist pain? Delux Vertical Mouse is here to help you free your wrist from pain, as developers say.

It doesn't really matter what the reason is for sitting behing a computer most of the day - you may work in office, you may be a writer or a journalist. You may be a gamer or just use computer a lot on your travels. What all 'power users' have in common is the wrist pain that hits you sooner or later.

Delux Mouse, a company from China, could have the answer to the problem. They developed a vertical mouse that will reduce your pain when you are griping mouse for longer periods of time. The new mouse enables Ergonomic Wireless and natural grip and fast connection to all your mobile devices at the same time. Despite vertical position, the Delux Mouse kept all the standard mouse buttons - the left and right button, the scroll button and the buttons for moving up and down on the screen.

It comes in wired ($56) or wireless ($63) variation. With 24 days to go, you can still grab your own at Indiegogo!

July 6, 2017 Living photo: Delux Mouse

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