Gaming world is a-rocking! Retro Computers and Sir Clive Sinclair revealed the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ portable handheld games console.


A couple of days ago children of the '80s got a fantastic reason to rejoyce - Sir Clive Sinclair announced a new version of his iconic ZX Spectrumwhich sold millions of copies and offered over 14,000 games in the early 1980s.

Remember this one?

According to Sir Clive it was "the present surge of interest in retro products" that inspired him to create Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+, a handy games console you can take with you anywhere and play it whenever you like, wherever you like, with the help of console's new feature, the colour LCD. Vega+ incorporates all the features of the ZX Vega and more, including stereo output for great reproduction of gaming sounds and music. Sadly, it comes with no HDMI.

You will no longer need a tape player to load games and play - Daddy, those days are long gone, and also, believe it or not, you'll have 1,000 licensed games already built-in and able to connect to your TV (PAL or NTSC). But that's not all, players will be able to download additional games free of charge from the thousands that are available on the web, so the cost of endless, unlimited fun will actually be only the cost of the console itself. 

You can help Retro Computers Ltd, Sir Clive's company, raise funds by making a donation at Indiegogo. With a month left to go, they already raised 163% of the £100,000 flexible goal, enjoying the support of 1,525 backers.

Vega+ is set to cost around £100 and is expected to launch later this year.

Feb. 19, 2016 Living photo: Sir Clive Sinclair and Retro Computers Ltd

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