BIKI-underwater photography robotic fish with advanced artificial intelligence technology and wireless underwater communication system will help you create and enjoy an unforgettable user experience - looks like a must for all fans of swimming, diving and underwater photography!


According to Robosea, a company that focuses on highly-precise technology development, BIKI is the most powerful, ecological and portable wireless underwater drone you've ever seen. It is a new unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) designed with advanced bionics technology that that can easily be controlled with a physical controller or app on your mobile device. It operates from 90-120 minutes on a single charge, and can operate at depths of nearly 200 feet. Tech also includes automated balance, automated obstacle avoidance and automated return to base.

"BIKI can maneuver just about anywhere, and with the use of our trademarked exclusive Robosea Algorithm and set in IMU (inertial measurement unit), it can keep its balance in the water – allowing BIKI self-stabilization to provide smooth videos and sharp photos through its camera platform," said Dr. Minglei Xiong, CEO of Robosea. "You can also design your own routes for BIKI and, if transmission is somehow lost, it will automatically return to base – all the while sending its real-time location to your mobile device," added Xiong. "In addition to 4K UHD video, BIKI also supports 16-megapixel photography at 30 fps that offers the best view from underwater – even when operating at high-speed motion or in darkness.|

BIKI reached its funding goal of $20,000 in just 10 hours, while current funding stands at a little over $78,300, pledged by 138 BIKI believers. There are still 57 days to go, if you want to secure our own cute little drone fish.

May 25, 2017 Living photo: Robosea

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