Google in GoPro sta se resno lotila navidezne resničnosti.

GoPro announced recently a drone equipped with cameras, but also had another ace up their sleeves. Together with Google, they will enter the world of virtual reality, too.

Google has already announced their open source platform for 3D virtual reality at the I/O 2015 conference. The main difficulty is how to create such contents. GoPro is a company that can help with their drone consisting of 16 GoPro cameras laid out in a 360 degree full circle and an uninterrupted field of vision.

This circular device supports synchronisation and monitoring of multiple cameras and has extremely durable batteries. Once the material has been recorded, Google Jump processes it for the user, so it can be shared with the rest of the world. Now all can enjoy, for as long as they have virtual reality spectacles (such as Oculus Rift). Google representatives claim they will initially give the new system on loan to the best YouTube video creators, later on it will be also available on general sale.

May 30, 2015 Living photo: Google

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