When you wish to know exactly where your herbs came from and how they were grown, you grow them yourself. Now you can do that in your own kitchen.


Herb Garden as designed by Mehmet Mehmetalioğlu, looks like something you always knew was missing next to your fridge or a cupboard. It allows you to produce fresh, healthy organic herbs totally hassle-free in the comfort of your home, so they're always there when you need to add a little flavour to your food. It is controllable via a mobile app from your smartphone or a tablet. Using the app, you can always check how the herbs are doing, what the humidity is like and if there is more water required. The app also tells you how the plants are progressing and when it's harvesting time.

The smart 'Herban' comes with 3 growing chambers and an LED light box. The quality of air inside the chambers is being kept by an air pump, while a fan takes care of the perfect atomsphere for the little plants to grow and prosper. 

If you live in a city without being able to do some gardening outdoors on your very own green patch of herbal joy, this is a very elegant and modern solution. Good luck gardening!

July 10, 2017 Living photo: Mehmet Mehmetalioğlu/via Yanko Design

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