Neurotechnology made simple for elite athletes. 


When it's time to hit the gym, you normally think about all the hard work your muscles will have to endure. It's time to think out of the box and let the brain do its thing - because it can!

Halo Sport is Halo Neuroscience's first product and is primarily designed for athletes. Neuropriming works only when combined with rigorous training that in this manner becomes more effective. It's a method that, according to the developers, uses pulses of energy to increase the excitability of motor neurons, benefiting athletes in two ways: accelerated strength and skill acquisition, which means that it actually helps a person to learn physical techniques better and faster

To make things simple, the company made their product look like and be worn like high-end headphones. The trick is, this is actually a device that sends pulses of energy to the athlete's brain in order to improve their response to training, "enabling the motor cortex to send stronger, more synchronous signals to muscles." Halo Sport is said to be comfortable to wear. Primers feature soft foam nibs that sit comfortably on the head, so athletes often don't even realize Neuropriming is happening or only feel a light tingle. 

The athlete puts Halo Sport on his head and uses the Halo Sport app during a 20-minute Neuropriming session. "Pulses of energy signal the motor cortex, increasing neuronal excitability and helping neurons fire together." Once the session is over, the athlete hears a sound, removes the headset and continues his workout according to his schedule – or keeps it on to play his favourite music.

This technology can also be used to accelerate motor skill recovery in patients who suffered strokes

Costing $549, these headphones seem to be aimed at the elite. Shipping confirmed for Fall 2016.

Feb. 13, 2016 Living photo: Halo Neuroscience

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